The word "Outstaffing" comes from the English word "out" - "outside" and "staff" - and refers to "the use of non-staff personnel" or "withdrawal of personnel for the staff." Sometimes the word "outstaffing" also translated as "staff leasing". Individual enterprise "Buysanchly Toprak" together with FIRCROFT, opens a new direction in Turkmenistan. FIRCROFTcompany has a wealth of experience in the system of outstaffing services recruitment. Moreover, that is a global leader that operates in more than 60 countries around the world.

As part of this service, we make your employees in our staff fully take responsibility for the entire personnel of the Labour Code, conduct HR outsourcing, calculated and paid wages. Before any inspection bodies responsible we as employers.

We have created a model outstaffing that distinguishes us from our competitors in high degree of reliability, and most importantly, when it comes to the use of foreign personnel. Every treaty and every document used to provide out staffing services, compiled with meticulous study of migration, tax and labor legislation in order to ensure maximum safety for our customers.

We passed a number of checks and guarantee a high degree of reliability, transparency and perfect conformity to the legislation. In providing our services, we take full responsibility and liability insurance, which provides our customers with even greater reliability and security of transactions. We believe that the reliability - this is one of the most important qualities that should have a company operating in the market of outstaffing. Therefore, the reliability has become our credo. We are open to our customers and take transparency for our priority!