The priority of our business is the supply of food. Our business has an excellent reputation. Initially, we have positioned ourselves by dealing with delivery of bulk vegetables. After years of intense struggle for the right to be called №1 supplier we have added to its price list groceries, meats, fish, cheeses, dairy products and frozen products of the Italian, French, Chinese and other production. Today, in addition to the delivery of fruits and vegetables, we are proud to boast that we have the most complete range of products that can satisfy the most demanding chef.

Speed and punctuality

A big importance takes the qualities of the company supplier; in delivering foods the speed checkout and punctuality is of importance, which IE "Buysanchly Toprak" always tries to comply to. If we say that goods will be brought to you at the scheduled time, it is precisely because this is going to happen. And if you request the goods urgently needed in the near future, we are always ready to flexibly change their schedule so that the delivery was made possible precisely when you need it. At any time we are ready to take your order promptly. We know that at any time you may need meat, fish, grocery, dairy and other food products, as well as cheeses, products of European and Chinese manufacturers of food products, including fruits and vegetables for restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, etc.

Quality, quality and quality

As experienced suppliers, management of IE "Buysanchly Toprak" understands that the success of business depends on the quality of the goods supplied to you. Therefore, we are guaranteed to deliver the freshest fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, milk and cheese, juice and water, bakery products, egg, vegetable and fruit preservation - in a word everything that is necessary to your regular production.

Experience and careful approach

Benefits and customers' needs are our priority. We offer comprehensive services at competitive prices. The strategy works by IE "Buysanchly Toprak" brings together the experience, modern methods of organization and management of transportation with the use of the latest developments in information technology, individual approach to work with clients. IE "Buysanchly Toprak" achieved success in the field of supply of food products in bulk due to the growing network of loyal customers which strengthened its position in the wholesale market of Turkmenistan. The professional care and expertise of our employees, the sale of food in bulk from suppliers successfully increases the demand among the growing number of consumers, expanding the food supply chain.