From 2014 Individual enterprise "Buysanchly Toprak" is at the construction market of Turkmenistan, we are fundamentally different from the other company. Its creators and became the driving force behind a team of professionals with extensive experience. Thorough knowledge of the sphere has helped the company to make a major breakthrough in the area of the structure. The main idea was to build the most high-quality and affordable facilities. Through this approach, just in a couple of years, the company has become a powerful, recognized and respected in the construction industry.


In the daily work Individual enterprise "Buysanchly Toprak" committed to affordable prices for the entire range and spends most democratic pricing policy. Unlike some companies we do not reduce prices at the expense of quality, and implement a competent systematic strategy. Its essence is simple - affordable cost of products provides a constant demand, which means that production is running at full capacity, increasing the number of construction crews. Our company strives to provide customers with discounts and seasonal sales spending.

It's not just the principle of the company, but a real philosophy is to do well and to do for people, not for show – that's what is valued and respected at Individual Enterprise "Buysanchly Toprak"our clients, friends, partners and even competitors. Our company pays attention to all people, including those who by their very nature relates to the entire critical. Company’s importance is a good result, to achieve it; we carefully monitor all stages of construction, have been serving the house and after the construction is completed. Many people are afraid to talk directly about any grievances, so we carefully read the reviews on the site, forums, always strive for an open dialogue and problem-solving.


• We value our reputation in the market of wooden housing, so the most important thing for us - it is the quality of the product! We are loyal to their ideals, and therefore the number of our clients increases every day. Such a demand has arisen due to the affordable prices at home and good quality of both the materials and construction, as well as through its own production used in construction materials.A as it provides, first, the wholesale supply of only from trusted manufacturers. Second, our commitment in each dimension and price ranges to create the most comfortable, high-quality construction projects.

• The second most important component is the quality of the material from which our facilities are built. Individual enterprise "Buysanchly Toprak" buys materials only large and trusted manufacturers.

• The third component is the quality of the process. Individual enterprise "Buysanchly Toprak" proud of forethought and a clear organization of its production. We strive to ensure that all the details were as ready for installation at the stage of their manufacturing It sharpened process is the core, which holds the highest quality objects "Buysanchly Toprak" Individual companies.

• And the last, the most difficult component of the quality - it is qualified builders. Here, the company adheres to strict rules. Firstly, the individual enterprise "Buysanchly Toprak" does not use the services of seasonal workers. We employed a team of highly skilled construction workers, whose professional level confirmed by construction of high quality projects.

In the end, we want to warn about the so-called "moonlighters", which are taken to build houses without proper qualifications. People are usually attracted to very low cost that requests by so called "builders". But in most cases, these stories end up contacting the large construction companies with requests or fix bugs, or completely redo the house that was built by "moonlighters". Do not waste your nerves and money. Address to professionals!