The word "Catering" comes from English and means "catering, delivery of provisions." Catering is considered the inventor of François Vatel, who organized a feast and served at the court of Louis XIV. Currently, under the catering service means not only cooking, but also service, serving, design and other services.

The individual enterprise "Buysanchly Toprak" one of the leaders in the provision of catering services in Turkmenistan. Individual enterprise "Buysanchly Toprak" has considerable experience in the market of Turkmenistan. We provide a variety of services in the service sector, catering, procurement and supply of various goods, including food. One of the activities is a service sector of field camps engaged in the oil and construction sectors, working in remote areas and under extreme conditions. In addition, services of fast food and business lunches for institutions and offices.


• Organization of food supply
• Organization of the dining room works
• Planning and preparing the menu according to customer specification
• Preparation of dry rations
• Compliance with traditional dishes and religious traditions
• Strict compliance with standards and sanitary norms of Turkmenistan


• Procurement, transport and storage of food
• Procurement of materials and equipment, kitchen and dining accessories
• Supply Chain Management
• Control and Inventory Management


• Control and Management in the camp
• Concierge / reception in the hotel's style
• Procurement of materials and equipment, furniture for living rooms


• Collection and distribution
• Personal and Workwear
• Providing tailor for minor repairs
• Supply of chemicals for laundry


• Kitchen and Restaurant
• Means for housing and all the other tools in the camp premises
• Common areas, offices
• The collection and garbage disposal
• Supply of chemicals for cleaning and sanitation


• Supply of drinking water
• Supply of water to other needs
• Provision of equipment


• Preparation of the plan and of labor protection and safety program to document the procedures to ensure the highest levels of service
• Certification of food
• Sanitary control in accordance with the sanitary standards of Turkmenistan
• Providing training on TB for staff service
• Qualitycontrol

We provide quality-service restaurant service to the objects of any type, as well as the on-call services by clients to order ready meals, delivering meals to the place of work without providing the service. Careful joint project organization with impeccable service - a guarantee of our successful growth!